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Must Be The Smile

Okay I have to admit my ego is flying high tonight. With She's sister thinking I'm ssooooo hot and the general consensus of the Geisha email is that she's very interested in me. I'm feeling mighty good. I do want to thank everyone that helped me decipher her email. I knew what she meant, but couldn't believe it since our whole interaction was me taking her blood pressure and instructing her on how to use the body wrap she won. When Tina asked me about her all I could remember was good stuff with the only thing negative being her stern face. The original snag I was thinking was our age difference with her being much older than me. However I remember when I first started dating again and I went out with a woman 10 years older than myself. Nice lady just not enough chemistry or something. My therapist had wanted me to stay in contact with the suggestion that it would be good for me. Never did. So with the Geisha I have nothing to lose. I'll email her back since I'm really busy all this weekend I'll ask if she is free during the week.

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