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Sane Friends

It is October Right?

I thought it was fall? The record here is 91 set back in 1936. Well the peninsula just beat it at 94 and we're still at 90. I had to put my AC on to run to the bank and grab some lunch. Middle of the summer I expect to burst into sweat when I walk outside, but any other time of the year is unacceptable.

Ugh Tuesdays are just rough for me. Late night dancing on Mondays and early business meeting on Tuesday don't mix. Topping it off with more late night dancing tonight is always exhausting. I'm so happy I decided to take Tuesday's off from pizza to relax before I went. Now I just need to keep myself awake until I go to the gym.

My fellow members at my meeting this morning showed me some love by calling me a Nazi. Ah at least I know I am doing my job.

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