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Holy Exercise Batman!

I sent out my announcements today for my 2 new programs for the office. One on posture so people don't end up hunched over later in life. Everyone says they don't want to end up that way, but most people still do nothing about it. Also a slimming your mid line one. There are so many bad weight loss theories out there I figured I would help people do it more healthy. Crap I never had me email box fill up so fast with people having questions and wanting to come in. Like one of my old bosses said you need to keep up with the times and give people what they want.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Slimming your mid-line would seem to me to be a combination of :

1) Cutting back on your carbs - having them only be 20% of your daily caloric intake; preferrably consumed early in the day, i.e. breakfast and lunch when your metabolism is higher, rather than dinner.

2) Regular cardiovascular exercise. the 10,000 steps a day adage is a good one for losing 2 pounds a week.

3) Sit-ups, crunches, lower, middle and upper ab exercises. 5 days a week. Maybe 5 sets of 25 each - or 50 each as you get more proficient and your strength/muscle tone improves.

4) Not expecting instant results. Be consistent wirth your exercise and nutrition - at the end of three months there should be a noticeable and possibly significant change.

Loving Annie at age 49...

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