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The Boy Talk

I've already had the grade school sex talk with Eric years ago and will continue to talk to him about it when he asks questions. No this is about fighting and boy society. Eric got jumped today at a party with another boy tackling him and repeatedly punching him in the neck. I was happy hear that there were grown ups there to put an end to it. Eric did say he went to the ER, but the wait was to long so he went home where he took some Motrin and was feeling better. I informed him that it would hurt again in the morning. Eric was angry and confused. He didn't know the boy and all the other kid wanted was a balloon. Eric had one and that was it. We talked about how he was feeling which he said he was angry. I was hoping to get why he was angry, but we kept getting side tracked. I let him know it was okay to feel that way since the other boy had hurt him and destroyed the rest of the party for him. Eric also wanted revenge and that was why I wanted to know the reasons for his anger. I know anger is usually a response to feeling helpless which can drive most people to do stupid stuff. Eric said he didn't fight back during the incident. I knew it was more from him not knowing. I had hoped this stuff wouldn't happen till fourth grade, but I guess Eric being the tallest kid in class has made him a target. He hinted about it and I told him I would teach him how to protect himself when I saw him next. This seemed to make him very happy. I remember being in his position growing up. Boys fight its an unwritten law. A pecking order will be started by those that know no better. I have to admit that this all came at a good time since I was starting to feel like I no longer had a son.

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Call me a bad mom, but I taught every one of my kids that if anyone hit them, to turn around and hit back fast and twice as hard.
As such, we've had very few fights in our household. But still, I worry as they grow older about the kids that need to prove something. They're always looking for a target....

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