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The Return of L

Since I have a lot of new readers I'll give a synopsis of my relationship with L. The rest of you will have to wait. L was my first serious relationship after my separation and the first woman I was sexual with in 2 1/2 years. She was from Spain and the European difference was there. I liked the difference and learned a lot from her on being calm in a relationship. We communicated well and the sex was great. In our 3 months together I did fall in love with her. The down side was that even though L said she wanted a relationship she sectioned me off in her life. Looking back it was almost a NSA relationship. She was always a little weirded out if I gave her flowers or a small item I found in the thrift store I knew she would like. I was okay with it since I wasn't looking to get married, but enjoy the relationship. Anyway L ended it with a Dear Mike email. I knew it was coming, but I was surprised it was done in an email instead of face to face since we talked about everything. It left a sour taste in my mouth which made the break easier for me.

Anyway I'm at the gym today a little later than my usual. I'm resting between sets and who walks in the doorway but L. She's surprised to see me. I wave. I guess she realizes that she did the chicken shit thing and walks over to see how I'm doing. I'm expecting just a few words, maybe a handshake. I forgot L does the full body hug. I lean back against the door with my hands behind me. We talk about the summer. This is where it becomes a little fuzzy. I think she said she'll see me around. Then I get another full body hug. She is painted to my body. After a few seconds I respond with a tight hug back. She continues to press her body hard against mine. I think about saying I missed her, but that would be a lie. I do miss the sex though. So I give her a kiss on the neck and feel her smile. Since she is not moving I keep on going. I get about 4 kisses along her neck before she says she needs to go. She has shopping to do. Knowing L it was a big high to be lusted after.

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