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* A Reader Reminder - I work 2 jobs, visit my dementia Mother, drink at Starbucks, attract every nutty women in 20 miles, plus a whole host of other things in my day. I usually post 3 times a day.

Anyway I went to my lunch networking event. It went well. I ran into HR Girl from the other day. It is so funny as soon as I come near her she crosses her arms. She wasn't even facing me today. I could have laughed. Anyway She walked by a few times to touch me on the back or make small talk. It's her event so she can do what she wants. However She did give me a glowing testimony for my work which really stirred up people to get my card. So I give her thumbs up for that.

I did run into Chamber Girl. I like her. She still gives me hugs even though I believe she caught me staring at her cleavage one day. She does wear these low cut dresses. I run into at these events and we get to talking and soon as it even feels comfortable we separated. Next time I need to ask her out. I'm always trying to feel her out if she is seeing someone, but I never have the time with her. I have her card and could always call, but I like asking out in person. Just like breaking up it has to be done face to face.

Oh well off to pizza and Breasts Girl.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I think it would be good to not let a woman catch you looking at her cleavage. Not that they don't want you to! I mean if you've got it, you flaunt it, right?

It takes practice, I'm sure. But it shows that you've mastered it! :)


trust me.. speakin for the busty girls... we know what we are doing when we wear low cut shirts.


Wow, so many girls and one guy.....

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