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Back to Back Cook Outs

I tell you being outside in the August sun for several hours two days in a row is brutal. I kind of feel like that earthworm that didn't make it back to the grass and becomes a piece of jerky on the sidewalk. Honestly I don't think I got really that much sun, but I am worn out.

Yesterday's office block party went well, although attendance is still down. However we got some people from the therapist office to come over. For me I was the short order cook for the event. I think I might of even got a mild first degree burn from all the heat. Towards the end someone else wanted to man the grill. Holy shit was he anal about it. Checking how long it took his hand to get warm to tell the temperature. Moving things just right. I felt like saying, "dude I just did this for 2 hours it's not that complicated."

I went over to my singles cook out today. I realized I haven't been up on the peninsula probably since I went out with German Girl a year ago. I forgot how much I hate the long trip. IT gets a lot longer trying to avoid all the traffic. Anyway just before I got there German Girl called and said she would be late. This kind of sucked since she was going to be 2 hours late and I was hoping for someone I knew there. Anyway I'm a survivor and continued on. I did know one guy there from a few events I went to last year. I have to admit it was a fun time. Hot as hell, but fun. Everyone was very nice and lived on the opposite side of the planet from me. One thing I did get reminded of is how incredibly attractive German Girl is. Also that we mix like a rock and water. We're good with the email communication a few time a week, but beyond that it's just not there.

On the home front Quiet Guy has finally moved in and Mini Me is visiting this weekend. We're having dinner together tonight so we'll see how that goes. Port Girl still has not moved back in and since her life is like a Lifetime movie who the hell knows what's going on.

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