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Sane Friends

What's Happening Wednesday

Still no check which doesn't make me happy and no response from the message I left. This coupled with 1 patient rescheduling on this slow day has really brought me down. I don't like being so easy to knock of balance. Again I know it's perspective. I've had a lot more people call this week to come in than to reschedule which is always a good thing. However I know when I'm in a sour mood I will focus on the bad instead of the good.

It looks to be about the same amount of people as last month for my talk tonight. It was interesting that a person from last time wanted to come again. I wanted to make a job about the free meal, but refrained. Hey I can be good.

Server guy wants to get together this weekend to catch up on gossip since he missed belly dancing with me. I honestly don't have any gossip. What I had was I was wondering if he had split from his GF, but she just went on vacation with her daughter. Hopefully he has more for me. I'm betting he has questions on the increase activity of some of the women from the group with me on Facebook.

I tell you I am tired of this scab on the back of my hand and have totally given up on it ever freaking healing. I cut back into it over the weekend when I was working on my car. Every single time I remove the band aid I catch it on something and rip the scab some. I'm about to just cast the hand to get it over with.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Are you taking bellydance lessons ?
Or are you watching ?

I hope you get your check soon. Insurance companies tick me off.


Nope, just watching. During football season the local belly dance school does a free show every month at a local restaurant.
It's always fun.

Me too. :(


You do get a lot of women responding to you on FB.

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