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Money, It's a Crime

It's been a week of trying to collect all my outstanding money. What have I learned in the process? Well United Health care has outsourced their customer service to India and they just gave them the standard delay manual. It's just pitiful to hear the excuses why things aren't being paid. I'm a veteran at this stuff so I'm like a brick through a piece of paper. Still all I'm getting is everything reprocessed and see in 30 days. Also I've come to the conclusion that Mike is not an Indian name and they have no idea what it is when I answer them.

Medicare was even better this morning when I needed to find out one of my ID codes which I still don't know. Since trying to communicate with them is almost impossible. I called a number that I thought would be it or if not they could transfer me. Silly me. I was told I had the wrong number several times as I tried to get the correct number.

I'm not really expecting patients to pay the money they owe me for treatment. They can owe as little as $5 and we can talk about it on the phone, but I still never get it. The $100 stuff I think is a lost cause. I'm going to keep on them for it, but since the florist closed down I may hire Punk girl to get my money for me.

I think I may just send the information of where my money is at to the people I owe bills to. Just take me out as the middle man. Here I owe you $100 and Joe Blow owes me the same amount. Here's his information and good luck.

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