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Happy Halloween

It was all quiet on the western front this morning when I came downstairs to grab breakfast before heading out the door. As it stands for all crazy people you can only keep the act up for so long. Since I wasn't home for family dinner the first few nights the landlord updated me about Inverse's praise for having a family meal together. By the next night Dancing with Stars was more important. Last night it was some sexual innuendo which the landlord put a stop to real fast with the kids there. What was funny was that Enigma made sure I was back in my normal seat and she was between Inverse and myself. No clue why.

Today was the annual Halloween kiddie parade here in the business park. We have a nursery school next to the lot. So they do a walk through for the kids to get candy which really just the grown ups corralling the kids through here since most have no clue what's going on. I was prepared this year. The adults asked for free treatment so I had coupons for them so we'll see what happens with that.

Due to the weather last night, L and I rescheduled our hike till tomorrow. It's suppose to be 83. It's Halloween! WTF. Now I'm not really complaining. I'll be walking on the beach the last day of October in shorts. However it will be hot for the munchkins trick or treating. Now times have changed since I was a kid. Back then Saturdays were the holiest of the Halloween days. You could trick or treatall day long. Go back to houses 5 times and have a truck load of loot to devour at the end of the day. Nowadays or at least here they have it restricted from 6-8 pm. Sorry kiddies it's not like the old days.

6 people had cathartic therapy:

Free treatment ? What is up with adults and their sense of entitlement ?

I would've smacked them, and then given them "free treatment" by throwing a bag of ice at them.

I wonder what Inverse will be this year ? You owe us pictures.....


Senorita - I hear it so much I don't even think about it.

She's going as a slutty vampire to a church event I think. I don't pay too much attention to what she says. I'll try to get pics.


I've seen so many Jokers it's not even funny. Batman is old news, the Joker reigns supreme.


Where is our autumn breeze??? I know this is Miami, but it's still ridiculously hot. Like August.

Luckily, my kids aren't wearing loads of crap and neither am I. My daughter wants to paint my nails black and draw scars on my arms (now she's into it) for me to be Em Mom. We'll see what happens.

Like you I loved Halloween as a kid...especially when it fell on a weekend. It was an all-day party and by the end of the night I'd be sick from all the sugar, but it was worth it!


That's a pretty realistic joker.

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