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Sane Friends

Flurry of Activity

Gone are the days of me sitting around. I feel like I'm on a treadmill and I'm about to be thrown. I'm starting to have meetings coming out of the woodwork. I do have to say that the quality is getting better and I have to put a cap on 2 low level ones/week. While I'm happy to meet everyone and part of my job as an assistant director in BNI is to help teach members I have to remember I come first. My phone calls and meetings come before everyone else which is something hard for me since I'm use to putting myself last.

I have to admit I love when a feel a woman's arms around me while laying in bed. I really enjoy rolling over to kiss her and no one is there. Damn dreams! I had to admit I had to laugh in the middle of the night at what had happened.

Right now besides taking breaks from all my phone calls (note to self to increase phone plan minutes). I'm trying to decide at what point I'm going to start needing help. There's starting to be too much grunt work adding up that I'm putting off because I don't have the time or I'm just tired. The real problem is that I have a lot of increased activity, but the cash flow hasn't increased to compensate for it. So without that I can't do much.

I am looking forward to the Funny Bone tonight with the Singles. Although I'm surprised that it's a really low turnout for the event. Oh well.

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