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Blessed Silence

Yeah right. I'm waiting for Geek Squad to call and tell me I can pick up my computer. It's way to cold to be walking door to door today to drum up business. Without all my info in my old computer I'm just kind of sitting here. This old computer had milk spilled in it so it's temperamental at best, but hey it works. Hopefully some year I'll finish paying DELL off for it.

30 more minutes to my online seminar on rehab for the shoulder. Hopefully it will be entertaining since I'm getting really bored here. Not until later in the afternoon to I have other classes and patients. Whether the computer is back or not life kicks back into gear tomorrow.

I can't tell if it's my imagination or what, but something is going on in Happy girl's head. If you asked me what I couldn't tell you. I'm just very sensitive to any change. Having grown up in a crazy household, sensing what attitudes the grown up were in helped in survival. As an adult it makes me very sensitive in relationships. I can sense the subtle changes in the wind. Right now I'm only going off text messages, but I've come to listen to my gut.

7 people had cathartic therapy:

I am blog hopping and after reading your sidebar I realized I've read you before a few years back on AOL. Hope business is going better and you don't need too many other jobs! I previously admired all you did OTHER than running your practice to get by at the time. ~Mary


Broken computers are the worst. So is milk. I hate milk- it probably spilled itself on your computer out of spite.


Your lucky, I wish I could see the beach, all I can see from the front window is a 25 foot tall Snow-Bank, Temps in the 20's and more snow coming!! Hang in there!



Like you, I am also sensitive to change, and I too can notice the subtle changes. You know what they say about Sagitarrians, we're intuitive.

I used to do door to door marketing when I rented cars. Luckily people were nice and I got some business from it.


I hope you're computer is fixed soon. I can't imagine what I would do if my trusty little laptop tanked on me. Cry I suppose. Curse some. Admit myself into a loony bin. In other words, it wouldn't be pretty.
And it's always a good idea to trust ones gut instincts~~
Have a great day and hopefully it warms up for you soon.


Ah, now I get why you're so attuned to every nuance...... it makes complete sense. I try, also.

I'm sure that there's a story there about the spilled milk into the computer, being you can't eat / drink dairy products.


Yeah, I always trust my gut and pay attention to things that it tells me to pay attention to.
Especially when there is no outward evidence and my intellect says to ignore it, that's when I know to look closer.

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