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Sane Friends

Bearer of Bad News

Well Fun girl and I finally communicated. The problem? Her cell number on her business card was printed wrong. I felt sad to tell her since I knew she worked really hard today and gave a whole bunch of them. She was happy to find out that the printer was responsible for the mistake.

Anyway it was fun to talk to Fun girl. Again I'm just hit by how natural it feels when we talk. So we're going to get together Sunday. She'll give me a call tomorrow to let me know her church schedule since she goes with her sister and nephew.

I wish I was deeper in the relationship with her so I could invite her to my patient appreciation dance. A few people asked. I told them I would be to focused on the patients to give her enough attention which is partially true. The other half is I don't really know her yet and I don't need any wild cards during the event. Like Facebook girl getting shit faced on me.

One of my patients gave me a compliment thinking I was somewhere between 30-35 age wise. This came up since she was thinking of trying to set me up with a 25 year old. Noooo thank you.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

You're wise to know that you would not be able to give her the attention she needs at your appreciation party.

Go alone, show your appreciation, and have a great time! Fun Girl will be there in the end.



Hmmm ... I hope the printer gives Fun girl a refund for the mistake on the business card. Still, didn't she proof the cards when she got them back?


Have to admit, I'd have to pass on a 25 year old, also (but, hey, he'd be of legal age, I could look, right?). Hmmm, maybe. It'd still seem TOO young at this point in my life, as I'm, well, having my 30th high school reunion this year.

The printer can simply re-print the cards for free, as it's their fault.

She sounds grounded, and fun. Hmmmmm, and you're not rushing into things. Gosh, Mike. Good going.

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