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I went and got my weekly adjustment and told OVDC that I was dating again. She asked the usual questions like who, how, where...? She pointed out that she has never known another person that never had a problem meeting women like me. I think this is pretty damn hilarious because I don't think this, but if I look at my track record of when I want to date I don't seem to have a problem. I guess it's harder to let go that image of the shy kid from my youth. I was very happy to state that she lived less than 10 minutes from my house which is awesome.
While on the Photographer. I'm at a loss, which is strange for me, at what to do tomorrow night with her. Honestly I would love to get some PJ's on, cuddle in bed again, and be lazy. It was so awesome I just want to do it again. While that maybe how it ends up I'm trying to think of an interactive event for us. It's to cold for miniature golf, we just played pool over the weekend, I'm not up for bowling. Maybe some take out and games, or Laser tag, or Jillian's game room. I have to think on it.

After my next patient I'll have a nice open area to finish practicing my presentation for a group of Mary Kay reps. They already know I'm the Divine Diva from the other week's kissing evaluation.

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