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Knocked Up/Out

I tell you the fender bender yesterday knocked me in to pessimist mode. While I'm not in doom and gloom mode, I'm not looking up either. So I'm working on turning my steering wheel to a better disposition. I don't want to make any sales calls until that happens since it would be a waste.
My high point so far today has been the desk girl at the gym telling me that Vanella is her favorite flavor. I have to admit I hear it often enough so it's nice indicator to know if someone is interested. She has nice eyes, but I don't think their is anything else there. I'm not looking to start anything right now which will be hard this week with my birthday and Thanksgiving coming up and me being alone.

I woke up this morning missing the Planner. Each time this happens it's smaller and smaller. Like they say time heals all wounds.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Won't you see your mother on Thanksgiving, or at least this week? Just because?

Perhaps you can go walk along the beach or something.

Oh, and that ice cream photo looks as it if has little pieces of pistachio in it, too, yummy.

Now, wasn't she the young woman who seemed to be flirting w/ you the other day, also? Hmmm. WAIT, though.


I like vanilla, too. LOL... Being with someone you don't want to be with is harder than being alone. Wish we could have switched companions. ha ha ha

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