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Sane Friends

Echoes of the Not So Distant Past

I called the Photographer last night and left a message. However I knew she had to get up very early this morning for her flight and she would be travelling today. I think I heard it was snowing up in Jersey where she was meeting people before flying down to Key West. However not hearing back sets up a nagging fear that I got with the Planner. The difference is just having dated a week so I know I shouldn't have that high expectation, but I would like to hear from her whether it be her voice or her text to calm my nerves.

I've been trying to cluster book my appointments so everyone comes in tighter areas of time so I can do more with my free time that will be profitable to me instead of me just waiting for these small bits of time. With the help of my business coach I was finally able to figure out how many calls I need to make the office grow. So that's my next project.

I don't think Eric is going to make it till next weekend to see me. He's so excited now I think he's going to explode.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

relax...Photo lady will text or call when she isn't slammed w/ all the peeps.


I am a bit refreshed to hear that guys stress over the reply...heheheh
Thank you for that!


Unbelievable! I thought it was a girl thang to stress over "the call." You enlight me. LOL

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