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Sane Friends

The Call is Given

I made some call like a normally do to friends to share my sadness which always helps me. It's strange. I'm okay with rejection with dating, probably ties in with the last bits of low self esteem. However I'm good with it as long as I know. Sitting around waiting and wondering drives me insane. Now with business I'm the complete opposite. I do take refusal personally when I shouldn't and it hurts the business. It's what I'm working on letting go now.

Well I finally got the call from the Photographer. She was on her way to meet a friend for lunch which never bodes well. We talked about her weekend and everything was going smooth. I have to admit I'm a pusher. I like to know my bounds and I will bring everything up. So I asked when I could see her again to see her reaction. As I expected she wanted to talk. While she really enjoys me as a friend she's not feeling anything more than that. It's something I can relate to with her, but their are other things that I like and would have taken longer to end it. However we both still want to remain friends so that works out well for me.
Back to my big question. Will I go back to not dating until the new year or not?

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Yowza...sorry to hear this hon. I had a feeling. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to take some time before you jump back into the dating pool. Make it time for you to sort through the emotional overload you've had to deal with lately. Your in my thoughts! (Hugs)Indigo


Aww, sorry to hear that didn't work out! I'm thinking a dating break wouldn't be so bad, and it's not like the New Year is that far away anyway so it wouldn't be a long break.
Everyone needs one now and then.


Okay, so she was straight up with you. Like when she said initially she was seeing Gameboy, too..... Sorry about it all, of course. I do hope you two can remain friends. Sometimes, that even works out better.


Well, the good thing is that your relationship never got off the ground. Take time to reevaluate & reflect. What makes a woman "date worthy" in Mike's book? If she cheats on her BF, don't you think she would cheat on you as well? Are you focusing on the packaging, only to find plain old corn flakes inside? Why are you in such a hurry to find someone before the end of the year?

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