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Back to the Salt Mine

I'm still on vacation time and it's hard for me to get my ass in gear today. It didn't help that 2 patients rescheduled and I then got a large time gap. I ran and did errands and did some office cleaning. However making the switch back to work mode is not happening today and I knew that early on so I didn't push.

One thing that is still working very sharp is date mode. I walked into the gym this morning and a new girl was working the desk. I got that few second eye contact that they talk about you women should do in the magazines. I wasn't paying the full attention, but she may have went for the full 5 seconds like they say. Once in the locker room I'm thinking who needs to wait for the end of the year for dating. I'm okay I'm just still obsessing about this woman for the last 5 minutes. Oye.

It's a busy week at night this week. I'm out every night through Thursday. I swear I can't plan this stuff as well as it happens. I have my normal meeting tonight, tomorrow the singles and I are going to see the new Bond flick, Wednesday is game night, and Thursday I'm back here for my continuing education credits. Only two more nights after this one.

Still nothing from the ex on the Nerf blaster so I'm going to have to hound her on it. If I don't hear anything by Friday I'll tell her I'll use my best judgement which is I'm buying it. I tell you I try to work things out with her, but crap just keeps coming up. Like I tell my friends this is why we aren't still married.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

OK, you are still single, because you REALLY want to be.

Swear to you it's a conscious choice.

When Ms "right" shows up you will know. Meanwhile enjoy the Ms Right Now's.

I have been told by many that I am not the typical lady, when it comes to matters of the heart. I will tell you this. I stopped dating guys with potential, and or that I saw as a "fixer=upper". Once I started being w/ guys that I enjoyed for who they were and stopped trying to change...I was happier and amazingly so where the guys.

So play hard to get...It's not just a "girl thing".


Buy the Nerf Blaster!!!


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