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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Bizarre Stories from my Childhood

1) Rolling joints for my brother at age 2-3
2) Being woken up Christmas Eve to be shown the tree and presents before being sent right back to bed.
3) The Weekend vomiting sessions
4) Stuffed in the back storage space when driving in a corvette
5) Our landlord having a steady supply of young prostitutes visiting
6) 3 different schools all in different cities for 9th grade
7) Mom and her boyfriend having sex in the other bed in the room
8) My Dad’s drunken rages
9) Mom beating me in front of my friends
10) My Dad always showing me money that would be mine someday. Still waiting.
11) Falling asleep and waking up in different houses
12) Given a dog to raise from a puppy then when he was 1 year old have to give him away.
13) My brother wondering how I could kill his fish when I was 3 and tasked with taking care of them. (fish should know when to stop eating)

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Wow, you really ARE screwed up! Just kidding. Haven't all of us rolled a joint or two by the age of three?


LOL. Bottle. I grew up with this stuff so it is as normal as PB&J for most people. I really need to start taking people's pics when I tell them this stuff.


Well gosh, I don't think I've rolled a joint yet! And I'm closing in on fifty!

Those are some sad tales. Most of us have one or two of them. You have more than your share.

Your outlook and demeaner seems to say that you are doing well, though.

(Holy hell, when did I get so fucking serious?) ;)


i always have to use a bowl cause i can't roll for shit.


All that rough childhood stuff and then..."fish should know when to stop eating..."


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