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Sane Friends

Say What?

I'm still sad about the weekend change with Eric. I was talking to L about it yesterday and my mind just got all fuzzy with it. I tell you my memory has been freaking shot since Friday. I can't remember names, which side the napkin goes on, etc. While I don't mind explaining how I got here with everyone and friends it's an emotional drain. Work hasn't been bad so far, but I talk to all my patients and most of them knew he was coming. So I'll be explaining and reliving it for awhile. Oh joy.

Asp realized this morning when she got up that she sleeps better when I'm next to her in bed. I figured it was the sex, but it was nice to hear. So I'm heading over there after my meeting tonight to grab a nap with her before she leaves for Florida around midnight. I'm really wondering if any napping is going to happen.

While I'm getting use to my new Blackberry I'm realizing the battery life sucks. I just placed an order for an extra charger so I can charge it hear at work. Phone calls, texting, and cleaning up the email box cause I'm anal is draining the life so that it barely makes it through a day.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

My Blackberry is always attached to me. I've found the battery on my Storm lasts longer than the one on my Curve did...

I agree about the sleeping better next to someone. I have spent 8 of the last 10 nights sleeping next to The Man. It's not the sex, it's the comfort of having that warm body next to yours...


I had the curve before I got an iphone and the battery life on that thing lasted forever!

The iphone has a ridiculously short battery life, but it's an amazing phone, so I'll just deal with it. ;)


don't let the blackberry take over your life.
Sorry about your son - I know he'll love the wimpy kid books!

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