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Surprise ... Surprise ... Surprise

Well look at the calender. It's Day 4 of the Inverse campaign and the landlord is already threatening to throw her out. I've looked into Inverse's eyes and I know she's not going to change anytime soon. Tonight's madness was brought to you by the letter "A" for absent mother. It may surprise you to learn that Inverse is not mother of the year material. It's the last school day of October tomorrow and as usual Lost (Inverse's daughter) is way behind in her reading since Inverse doesn't help her with her homework. So tonight was the big push to finish catching up. Mouth actually volunteered to help her and it was nice to watch the two little girls working together. Inverse had asked to use my computer to look at her Myspace page. I said sure and told her she could use it later when she was finished. However she shot right upstairs to use it leaving her daughter alone with Mouth to do homework. The landlord was upset that a 7 year old was doing Inverse's job. It went downhill from there since Inverse didn't see anything wrong. These are the times that she looses all attractiveness. When you don't care about your kid, I don't care about you either.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Do people really go on Myspace anymore?


Myspace ????? That is so skanky.

You're landlord is so stupid...........

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