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It seems I've swung from one car problem to another. It seems I'm leaking oil. I'm not quite sure if a bunch came out a once after I fixed the camshaft sensor or it's been building. I've got a little pool collected in the bottom of the engine and a lot on the ground. I don't see any hose I knocked off and I'm thinking it's coming from the engine which wouldn't be good. I'll have to keep an eye on the level to see if it's stopped doing it or if it's continuing to leak.

I finally got my free massage this morning. It went well and she has good hands. So I'm seeing her Monday and if we're good we can start marketing together which will work out well for both of us.

I got a blast from the past this morning. It was an article in the paper about chronic fatigue syndrome. When I first met my ex wife she wanted to be a school teacher, but didn't want to be in charge of anything. I remember on our first date thinking WTF? However since it was our first date I didn't verbalize it. She became a teacher and ended up hating it and stopped doing it within 6 months. Why she stopped was she said she got chronic fatigue syndrome. During the time we were dating I really worked on helping her out, getting her information, and pretty much bending over backwards to help. All of this I was happy to do. However just before we separated we were talking one day and she casually mentioned how she made the whole chronic fatigue thing up so she could get out of teaching. My jaw dropped, but I didn't say anything cause I couldn't believe what I had heard. It was like 14-15 years of believing a lie.

I was happy that I really didn't have any anger this morning, but I figured I would journal about it so I could put it to rest.

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