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Sane Friends

Ooooo I'm Dying!!!!!!

I'm in the red today and waiting for the stroke to take me. Now most would think this is due to my Mom, but it's not. She's doing well today and everything is stable. Hey like it never happen. Yes I'm in a pissy mood today. I do want to thank everyone for their kinds words and prayers.

Anyway I'm about to go postal with my collections today. It started when I got a zillion letters from an insurance company. I opened them up and its about a patient that collected money from another insurance company and then skipped the state instead of paying me over 2K. Anyway this was another insurance company saying they had my bills and were paying. So I called and they had already paid this patient the money. Since I didn't send it in they didn't have the lien. So as I get this she has been paid twice and I'm still out my money. I almost had a stroke right there and then.

I finally got through on the large insurance check I was suppose to get this week. After endlessly waiting I was informed that they didn't have my bills. WTF? There recommendation was to wait 2 weeks and then if they still hadn't gotten them to resubmit. My plan is resubmit right now if not sooner. Holy shit. Give me a gun so I can go postal and release some of this stress. I think my Mom will outlive me.

The last large amount of money owed me is still unknown since no one will return my phone calls at the insurance company.

I'm hoping happy hour with the singles tonight is fun cause I need to relax.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Oh my effing God! What is WRONG with people! So when you bill, they have to submit to insurance and insurance pays them to pay you? I'm so confused! Why the HELL do people thing that chiropractic care is free! I don't understand why you aren't getting paid! I am so mad for you!!!


That is so wrong on so many levels.

I would go apeshit if I were in your position. I don't know how you manage to stay composed while getting butt-raped with no lube like this on a continual basis.


TOM - I send in the money direct to the insurance companies. They just lose some of them to keep their profits up. It's a long standing game.

Senorita - When it's lots of money and I especially need it I do go apeshit like today.

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