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Okay this is a new one for me. I usually just journal here, but this came up and we're still behind. My friend Chuck got reactivated to go with the marines to Afghanistan. He's a chapel for about 400 marines. Something I didn't know was there are female marines. I know there are women in every other part of the military, but the marines always seemed like a guy thing. Anyway he serves with 60 women there. The problem is that all donations are male oriented and the women get nothing. Chuck says that they are in desperate need of skin care and any “feel pretty” products. The climate is extremely dry and it is so difficult to get quality products where they are stationed. My friend Amy who does Mary Kay has taken it up to help them. So here is her message.

This is where I come in… I want to provide for these women who are selflessly serving for our country. I am willing to donate all my time, mailing, profits and products to these ladies. But I really need your help. I am beginning a program so you may “Adopt a Soldier”. I want to get every lady there a full size skin care set and tinted lip balm (SPF 15 of course). If you are able to donate, Your name would actually go on a card with a message from you, to the female soldier. Since my friend Chuck is the Chaplain and all donations go through him to be fairly distributed, I feel confident all these ladies will be getting exactly what they need with my instructions to Chuck.

To “Adopt a Soldier” there are 3 different ways to help…
Donate $50 to give a complete Miracle Set to a soldier (One card just from you)

Donate $25 to share in a Miracle Set to a solider (Your message and one other on the card

Donate $8 to give a Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15 to a soldier (One card just from you)

((At this point we are taking all donations and just adding them up to do Miracle sets for all of them))

Please let me know if you are interested. I am so thrilled I can help out these ladies. I have already ordered mini hand creams for them and I will get them off to Chuck as soon as they come in. What a great surprise when they get the big box the next time with everything they need for a happy face!

Let me know if you want to help. And I will get payment and the message you would like to tell your soldier.
Amy Becraft
PS – If you would like to forward this e-mail on to a friend who may be interested in helping, feel free.

Thanks for your support.

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