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Sane Friends


I found out something that is worse than a turd in a swimming pool. A big hunk of broccoli covered in brown sauce falling off your fork when you're dressed up. I was like Remo Williams dodging bullets. If you didn't get the reference don't worry I'm a nerd. Anyway it did make a lovely stain on the rug. That brown sauce may be an ancient Chinese secret, tastes great, but it sure does a lot of damage.

Still no large insurance checks and I'm not happy.

My being dressed up is causing quite the stir with everyone I know in business. Dapper is the word I'm hearing a lot these days as well as why. My response is that I'm doing a socio-economic study which is true since I'm seeing if patients respond better to me dressed up. So far patients aren't mentioning it at all, but I wouldn't expect it. I think it will all be subconscious in better compliance.

I'm not a bristly guy, but I do shave everyday. Somehow I've stopped up the sink in my bathroom. I don't know if its the shaving creme or what that has gummed the works up. The next door neighbor with 2 grown boys says it happens. I'll be 43 next month and it hasn't happened to me yet. I've pulled enough of my ex wife's hair out of the drain when we were married. Maybe it never had enough time.

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Argh! No check yet!?!?! How long do you wait to get on the phone and start screaming at people?

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