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Sane Friends

The Art of being a Pest

My coach was pointing out that I let too much time go in between communication when I'm trying to get information, a contact, etc. He stated that more than a day was too much. After a few days I should go for the hourly rate. The person I want to get in contact will either contact me with information I'm requesting or tell me to fuck off. Either way the problem will be solved. I have to admit when he said something like this a few months ago when I would give people 2 maybe 3 calls and then let it die, it really made a difference of just keep calling till I got someone. No one's been offended and most people are thanking me for keeping them on track. What a freaking paradox let me tell you.

The almighty dollar is bringing me in tomorrow morning to treat a patient. I wasn't going to come in this week, but collections this week suck. Hey another patient rescheduled. Now I know why many of the chiropractic marketing companies have you all over a person when they call. Personally I like to make it a pleasant experience so they don't dread talking to me.

Well I have to admit it was a week of catching up with work stuff. What a freaking pain! At some point when money is better I'll get a virtual assistant to take care most of it. Most of it isn't hard it's just freaking time consuming plus you have to keep your sanity when dealing with the insurance companies.

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