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I hit the wall today and I'm burned out. It started out that I awoke up early and didn't get enough sleep. My business group is having problems. Half the group is working it and the other half is not like most groups. To help jump start it I was asked to oversee some growth events. I'm already projecting kicking people's asses to do work. I'll tell you I'm already stressed out about it in less than 24 hours. So I'm trying to get out my director's chair and just do the job. I can only do so much and the group is going to have to do the rest. So in letting go off all that crap I'm feeling better.

Having a 2 hour phone conference this morning that went late didn't help. Patients rescheduled right after it and a new patient wanted to come in. All of which I have no complaints about except that shifting gears like that without a break really stresses me.

The last thing is just shifting money around to have some spending money over the weekend for things like food and gas. All of which pisses me off with the office doing the best it has ever done. The one best thing that made the whole conference this morning was an electronic billing company that was free for practitioner's like me. Insurance companies are paying for it so they don't have to pay people to process it. The good thing is that I can get my money faster.

Since my day ended early I used my gift card at Starbucks to relax and read. Doing any work right now is just giving me a headache. Like my coach said it's a good problem to have. Too much work to do. My search for sponsors is still working since my email box has more people wanting to be part of it. So I'm covered for a while if the people this time around don't do it again. I'm collecting their money up front and will refund any unused portions which will help the money situation next week.

Well Smokey was suppose to be moving out of the house this morning. She took offense to having to clean her clothes to get the smoke smell out, but hey 1 1/2 packs a day will do that. However I awoke this morning to find her doing laundry so I guess she's towing the line.

I can't wait to hike tonight with L to relax. I may be tired as hell, but some physical exercise will be good.

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