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What Saturday Brings

Talking with the Landlord and he predicts Inverse will be gone by April 5th. He's starting to see she's more trouble than she's worth. He said he's giving her the standard 3 months to see if she starts turning her life around. I don't see her changing.
It was a nice busy day in the office for a Saturday. I think the busiest. My business coach stopped in to talk a little while today. So we figured since November when I started and my office was at the lowest till now I've increase business by 45%. So I'm happy. Although I know until I have a positive cash flow that is constant then I'll be happy.
I interviewed Yoga girl today. She's in the Singles group and that's how I know her. She gave me a Reiki and a yoga session. I didn't realize how much I missed yoga until we were done. So she's going to rent my extra room. The only problem is that like my massage therapist I'm still supplying clients to them. They're not bringing in business. However I'm happy to have other services to offer my patients.
I finally got the last program uploaded into my phone to sync my Outlook with it better. So I think I'm finally back up to 100% after the virus problem.
Looking at profiles to put up on my other blog. I have to admit instead of finding funny and stupid stuff. I found more profiles that I felt like slashing my wrists after reading. There seems to be a growing unhappiness amongst women daters. For some reason they are writing down in there profiles. Unless they're are going for the sympathy vote I have no clue what the hell they are thinking.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
This "Inverse" sounds like a Class A Screwball ... but still, if she's paying her rent, why should the landlord care? Good luck with Yoga Girl.


Ah... well it looks like your landlord is realizing that a nice rack with a pretty face to match will only go so far. I've never asked my landlord to take me places.

Dating sucks for everyone these days, both men and women and it's an equal opportunity thing.

Trust me, the men bitch about it just as much as the women do, but I don't think you're perusing the men's profiles.

Women that bitch about men in their profiles do so because they are looking for a man to rescue them. Not only do they want your sympathy, but they are looking for you to ride in on that horse in full shining armour.
Not to mention all that pressure on you to be better than their old boyfriends.

Ruuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn !!!


Oh, hell Mike. You know women are effin' nuts! LOL....Hang in there. A good one is within your reach.

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