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Sane Friends

Welcome to My Parlor Said the Spider to the Fly

So Inverse was in my room last night, smelling of alcohol, showing me naked pictures, and laughing at my, "hi gorgeous." I guess people don't know you can have famous people greet you when you turn on your computer. I have Lyndsey Lohan greeting me and Sarah Jessica Parker telling me I have mail. Anyway Inverse had asked a friend to do her taxes for her online. Not fully trusting her friend, she wanted to check online to see that it was actually done since she needed the money. I have the only computer in the house. The alcohol came from her ex sneaking over yesterday and taking back their car a few days earlier than was agreed on. The problem was that her purse was in the car with all her ID and cash. The ex is now no where to be found. Besides that I got to see naked pictures of this bouncer that wanted to go out with her. I could have done without them.
I feel like doing nothing today. However I have many phone calls to make today to keep the momentum in my office going. Normally this is where I drop the ball, but I know what needs to be done so I can make an informed choice.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Wow, Inverse seems like she has a few screws loose. Talk about drama. At least it comes with an attractive face.


Hi Mike,
I guess it's never a dull moment with Inverse around. She's almost like one of those extra, semi-comic relief characters who always lived nearby and popped-in to inject some sexual innuendo into '70s sitcoms. Her name isn't by any chance Pinky Tuscadero, is it?!?


What an A$$ of an ex to do that to her....... not that she's lacking drama herself, but he's still proven himself to be a jerk.

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