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Tuesday's Not Gone

Inverse worked an extra shift last night so I lost 30 minutes of sleep last night which really means broken sleep. I feel it today as I start to fight a cold.

As I was described in my business meeting as a networking fiend, I continue to pound the business road. Everything is up which is a great thing, but boy do I feel like I'm juggling a lot of plates and I'm waiting for them to come tumbling down. So now a days I'm trying to align with people that work on my level. In my group I usually produce three times as much and I think with this up swing of activity that will jump to 6. It's interesting to see everyone knows what I bring to the table, but no one wants to do it also. I always find it strange that business people don't want to make more money.

I have to admit without dating in my life I do feel like something is missing. Like a car with only 3 wheels. Everything adds together and I feel I'm coming up short now a days.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

But, it saves you some money, right, or, perhaps?

Being comfortable with yourself is a good thing to have, so this time not dating isn't a bad thing. Just not a typical thing:)

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