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Sane Friends

Nosing Around

For some reason everyone in my chiropractic class seems to be getting on the Facebook band wagon and adding me as a friend. Some people I'm happy to see again while others I'm surprised they have asked.

All of this has gotten me curious to see what's happened to some of the women I've dated over the years. The funny thing is how fast I forget full names. Many of my former dates have found someone in that they are in a relationship or engaged which was nice to see. It was a pretty even split in how much some have changed and others not in the looks department over the past few years.

I did find a girl I was infatuated when I was in grade school. She still had certain features I could pick out, but I have to admit the years hadn't been kind. The interesting thing is that most of my friends from over the years I couldn't find. I didn't want the relationships anymore, but I did have a curiosity to see what they were up to.

Business wise I'm slowly moving up the ladder of higher quality relationships. I network a lot and it allows me to produce a lot for others. I'm still trying to find the ones that can produce for me. For most, they're happy to receive, but creating business for me is beyond them. I'm happy to have advocators for me. However being a creator really creates a lot of business. I have the talent and other benefit from it, now it's just finding so I can benefit. One of my new alliances gave me a free invitation to a big Diabetes gala next weekend. The tickets cost $150 so I was very thankful. However I'm already starting to feel under dressed. I don't know if my closet goes that deep. The interesting thing will be to see how game night with the singles goes without me.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
I know what you mean when it comes to looking up old friends on Facebook. Seeing the pictures can be depressing ...


I love Facebook. It finally allowed me to tell a girl who was so mean to me in high school to piss off by just ignoring her. Very empowering, I have to say

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