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Sane Friends

Models? Sure I'll Look at Models

You know sometimes I love women so much I hate them. LOL. I met the Model today for lunch. Our target markets are the same so I asked a mutual friend to set it up. We were suppose to meet as a trio for the Model, but she agreed at the end to meet me alone. Now she's not a drop dead gorgeous beauty. She's attractive, but her real beauty comes from her personality. We were all over the place with the conversation and my usual routine was discarded, but it was a very fun time. Our mutual friend did join us near the end.

Now I'm very happy that the model is married cause it saved my sanity. So when the friend joined us we were all talking and every time I looked over at the model and she would meet my gaze she would smile and wink. I don't think you women realize what this starts up in a man's mind. If you're not going to drive the car don't even pick up the keys.

Anyway the Model was very eager to get me on her table for a facial so next week I'm going to try out some of her handiwork. Also she'll be coming to see me to see how I stack up.

I actually chose this picture because this reminded me of the business meeting with another woman yesterday. She had some tattoo on her left breast. Somehow her outfit just showed it off to the world.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

For a min. there I thought that pic was "the" model and I thought, wow! Nice tattoo, btw. ;)

I'm glad yo put your old routine aside and went with the flow. Sounds like you had an awesome encounter, but let me get this straight...she's married???

I must've missed something here.


Yeah, I agree with Scarlet. She's married?!?

Hmmm... very strange encounter indeed.


Hi Mike,
She's married? I guess she's not exactly a 'model' citizen.


I'm with everyone else and the married part....we need clarification if you could be so kind to enlighten us~~


Oh, a married model ? So much for that award winning personality, lol. Is the the blonde ? She's pretty, but if you're even thinking about going to her facial table, at least make sure the chick is super drop dead gorgeous.

All it takes is starting out at her table before you start rationalizing yourself into sticky situations.

Good luck.

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