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Counter Offer

Well I finally heard back from my Mom's place about my offer. There's was higher, but at least half of their original offer. So my brother and I are trying to come up with the money by next Friday. I'll know what he can do in a couple of days. So I'm praying.

Today I also sent out my accounts out to collections. I hate having to pay 30% to get my own money, but it doesn't seem to becoming any other way. At least I had most identifying information on my one patient that stole from me. The other is an insurance company and I had it confirmed from an attorney today that the industry has really clamped down on making payments.

I know I'm going to need to make some cuts this week. Since it's just me I might drop my health insurance again for a while. It's too big a chunk out of my pay at the moment. I live pretty frugal otherwise so it's hard to trim the fat.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Looks like your getting to a potential solution, I hope it all works out.


Yeah, tough times out there. I would really hate to see you cut your health insurance, as it is so important, but you gotta do what's necessary to get by I guess.

I know that if I were to cut my insurance, usually something always happens to me after. It's just the kind of luck I have.

I hope everything works out.


Well according to Obama's speach, we should all have better healthcare here....when he didn't make clear.

Be careful on the healthcare thing...maybe get one of those emergency coverages w/ super high deductables, i.e. if you have an surgury or burst apendix or something...????
I just saw an ad for AFLAC!!! Nevermind...

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