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I'm feeling a lull. What has it been 2-3 days without dating someone or trying to setup a date somewhere? It's nice to have these calm periods when I'm not thinking about dating. As you may or may not know I'm a feet first type of person with many things. While I'm careful I do move fast with all things. It's usually how I process stuff and that's how I keep up with it.

I finally closed the books on 2008 today by sending all my information to my CPA for the bad news. I know I'll owe taxes since without a second job this year I didn't pay any and I made profit this year. Hopefully it won't be too much of an ass raping.

Today I stood up to the plate in my networking group. It's been unsupervised from higher ups for too long now and since it's a big part of my new business I took the reins. When it comes to this kind of stuff I don't let things go to chance. I was happy with myself for being assertive since in days of old I wouldn't have done it and probably went down the victim path. The leadership team was happy that I had done so since they weren't sure what to do.

Business is slow today which is the complete opposite of yesterday. This my problem at the moment, fluctuation of visits each day. I'm working with my business coach this week to get a better handle on it since I need to keep the ball rolling and keep this baby in the air.

My next patient appreciation is making a lot of people happy. I'm having it at a dance studio and people are excited which is the main point. Excited people come in and they refer.

Well I think I'll get out of here. Drop some information off to a patient, grab some Starbucks, go to networking class, then a mixer, dinner, and then a movie with the singles. And they ask when do I get time to do all the events. Hey there's time if you make it.

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