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Sane Friends

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While I enjoy all the Singles events some an be weird. Like last night's game night. The Photographer and Tech girl are now good friends. So it's interesting to be sitting across from not 1, but 2 women you've dated. One that dumped you and one that you dumped. Let the festivities begin. While the Photographer and I have settled smoothly into friends mode. Tech girl and I have settled into something else. We definitely aren't into joking mode yet and it was weird for me to have her tapping my foot under the table. Here's a picture from last night. One is the Photographer and the other is the Stylist. You choose.

Over the last 24 hours I have done something novel. I've planned all my special events for a year in the office. My business coach instructed me that if it wasn't written in there it probably wouldn't happen. While the specific events haven't been chosen, the dates to do everything has been.

I was hoping to do a belly dancing event next month for my office, but nothing worked. So I used my singles event organizer hat to come up with next month's event. Since I push having down time for yourself I invited everyone to the wine and jazz event at the local art museum. I've done it with the singles many times and it's always fun.

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That's very cool about having all the special events dates planned out for the year, Mike.

Wine and jazz at the local art museum sounds like it will be fun next month :)


Long time, no read!

So Tabbie and I had a gathering a few weeks ago. It was chock full of various men we had dated. At first we thought it might be a little awkward, but you know what, everyone ended up getting along just fine.

A good martini will do that.

Also, I am a HUGE believer in getting events on the calendar. I have a yahoo group on upcoming.org and unless I have things firmly scheduled on there, everyone forgets about them and we never do them.It's also part of the reason I wrote down my outrageous to-do list. That way I can see what I want to do, plan with that list in mind and actually get items checked off.


Hi Mike,
Good for you for planning all these fun events -- and mapping them out so far in advance. You're making me feel like an inanimate clump. I'm guessing the photographer girl is the one on the left and the stylist is on the right.


Having everything planne*?! Excellent. LOL @ you always choose the same girl.



It is always weird for me to go to a ceili or dance class, and have my "we haven't fully closed this one" former (one of my very favorite) beau there, and be there w/ my "new" (10 months today) beau, who are friends w/ each other....... even weirder if it's a ceili where my daughter, M, and her half-sister are dancing and their dad shows up....... just too much stress for me.

But, hey, it's good to have friends....

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