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Sane Friends


Well Happy girl and I finally connected. I had left her my phone number to call me. She had said she was a independent woman so I figured there would be no problem with it. I know some women won't call a guy first which is okay just let me know. Happy girl is one of those rare natives you hear about and see on the Ripley shows. I was surprised that she had a stronger southern accent than I would expect, but I have to admit I have never, ever been close in imagining what a woman sound like. I just don't have that ability. Anyway we talked for about 30 minutes and I answered all her questions.

I have to admit Inverse was correct on the differences in boys and girls. You say you have ice cream, boys will be yes. Girls will ask what flavor. So that was our conversation. Background and history I don't really care about. It'll come out as we talk. However I've been out on enough dates (you think?) to know the drill. We both don't drink or smoke which I like and she likes low key stuff. So I suggested pool since I know she likes to play. I picked a non-smoking hall and we were set for Saturday.

The funniest thing which happens often was me is when she asked what I did and I said chiropractor and I've been doing it for 14 years. Then she asked how old I was even though she knew. I could here the square peg going in the round hole in her brain. It take people a while to get my looks and age to sync.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Yes that is true about men and women. Men are pretty basic and easy to please.
Gotta love em' for that!

Have fun with Happy Girl.


Well, yeah I want to know what flavor! ;)

For the record, I do typically like vanilla (ha), but what's in that vanilla, what type of vanilla, or if analogous to life, what are all the nuances that make up that person's life and character, that's what gives it the real essence.

Glad it's working out thus far, and yeah, people sometimes do a double-take with me when I say I've been working at my company for 29 years (next month)....... It's fun to get amused sometimes, though, and watch those reactions:)

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