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Tale of 3 Women

At times I may complain on problems meeting someone which usually gets me many jokes from my friends. They usually point out that I meet women and go out on a pretty regular basis for the amount of energy I put into it. So after this weekend I can't say anything for a while.

1) Tax girl - still waiting for the 16th to come around for her to have free time. I like her since she is like me, analytical with a artistic streak.

2) Army girl - you know I never met someone that didn't appear that drunk, but totally didn't know who I was the next day. She was very amusing Saturday night, but their was a whole new level of humor having the same conversation last night. Also throwing little tidbits like her breast size and her just shaking her head. She's a twenty something, but a lot of fun and speaks her mind which I like.

3) Charming - actually I have no idea what to nickname her so I'm going with her Match name. We met last month at my monthly comedy improv event. I was with Law girl so I didn't really notice her that much. Anyway we are both on Match and we chatted during the week. She's very outgoing which I really like. A little far for my taste, but at least on this side of the water. I figured I would see her last night at improv. She was lively and more attractive than I remembered. We'll go out sometime this week. Now I just need to learn the area she lives in.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

You are such a Virginia pimp!!


Look at you on a roll!!!

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