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Well a milestone was hit today. Kitcat called me "honey". Hey it made my day and like I said before its the little things for me. We got to talk about where we both were in our lives. For me I had the fear of not being successful enough, but she was okay with where I was in pulling my life back together. I have to admit in all my relationships this is the first one that I feel like something is growing.

I don't miss Asp, but I'm starting to see how I needed that relationship to have the one I have with Kitcat. They're both different women than I'm use to dating. A lot more assertive. Faced with adversity I'll back off and learn to adapt to the situation. Kitcat stands her ground and fights for what she wants. I know its why we probably like each other with each wanting a piece of the other. The other point is that sex is a little rougher with these two. I don't mind it, but having the practice with Asp kept my options open with Kitcat.

Robyn reminded me yesterday of my friends comment about my life when I moved down here to Virginia Beach. He always use to refer to me living the life of Riley. Honestly if I was making a decent salary I wouldn't have any real complaints. My life down here has been the best in my life even though I've been through some of the worst events in my adult life. One of the reasons I moved down here was to enjoy everything that the area had to offer and I try to do that on a regular basis. My next mission is to barter with a personal trainer to get a little more muscle and tone.

Now on the other end of the spectrum. My attempts at really putting my nose to the grindstone is getting some resistance. I really need to go back to really blocking my day out again so that I'm not all over the place. Even though I may not be seeing patients I need to have specific time to do all my admin and marketing stuff. I have too many extra stuff to suck my time up. The business people that I know that really soar have it really regimented and I need that better. So I have to start making a time and place for everything.

Well one more patient today and then off to see the Green Zone with the singles. It seems to be new guy night so I'm hoping they show.

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