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Sane Friends

Movie Watching

I seem to be in a slump of bad movies. Since Kitcat is camping with her son this weekend I knew I would have free nights. So I rented out some movies from the library to keep myself occupied. Whew I picked some snooze fest winners with the Curse of the Golden Flower, Lymelife, Protector, and Pirates of Caribbean 3 movie.

My presentation went well today. It was a small crowd which the church was apologetic for. However I know how it goes when trying to get people to any kind of event. Speaking of that tomorrow is Taste of India event for the singles. The funny thing is that many people wanted to do it and now that its on the schedule very few people are coming. However I had some Indian food yesterday when my neighbor at work invited me over to their pot luck lunch. It was so good that I can't wait for tomorrow's event.

Overall it was a slow and relaxing day. I was suppose to get together with friends in the early evening, but with that being cancelled I've had more free time than I wanted today. I'm hoping that doesn't happen tomorrow. It does remind me that I need to call my friend for that free dance lesson to see if I can learn timing.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

What kind of dance? If its Latin, you will have a great time:)


elI did salsa for a year Blue and it was fun. My only complaint was that I was doing it with the twenty something crowd and they could be up to 2 am everyday. This time around I have no clue. Rumba, waltz, etc. If I can get timing I can do anything.


It's easy to see why you picked some snooze fest winners. It's the library, the good ones are always checked out. I don't bother anymore.


I too am in a movie slump with Teen-m. We hire a movie and get junk food every 2nd Friday and the last 3-4 have been disastrous. I'm thinking of going with old classics in future so I know what I'm getting.

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