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Well I got the notice that my ex's dad will be dead in the next few days. I've dreaded this time coming for years since I know it will devastate her and therefore affect Eric. I'm not quite sure how she'll handle it or be afterwards. As long as she doesn't come knocking on my door I'll be happy.

Well the office seems to have gotten a jump start as the phone has been ringing this week which is a blessing. I need to finish paying off the income tax for the business and with no extra income coming in its kind of hard which brings me to my next comment. I like the warm weather. Why you may ask? Well I'll tell you. Women seem to fall out of their clothes better. I'm in my business meeting this morning listening and taking notes from the woman next to me. It's then that I realize that I indeed just saw what I thought I saw. Her bra had done a poor job of lassoing her breast in and was hanging out in her shirt. Hey I'm a guy I like this stuff even though I'm an ass man. Remember the only reason your butt is in the back is so you don't look at it all day long.

Today has been rearranging my workspace for the coming massage therapist. Like all things, extra space soon gets filled with something. Right now I'm downsizing a filing cabinet, dresser, and storage cabinet down to a 2 x 3 foot area that not all together. Yeah that's my problem too. Actually its allowing me to stream line the area and get rid of stuff that's just sitting there. Now to do some touch ups on the paint and spruce up the office someway. I'll probably need to ask Kitcat for some help on that. I'm proud to admit I'm a guy and have very limited fashion ability.

On that note I was happy for Kitcat on getting a job offer while still finishing up her studies. I know having money coming in will help relieve her stress levels.
I went to see the Green Zone last night starring Matt Damon. It was a good movie, but bring a barf bag. Holy crap that camera needed a shock absorber. Most of the movie is bouncing around and half way through it I thought I was going to lose it. The other problem was that I got there late due to a patient. A newbie from the meetup group was suppose to be there, but I couldn't see him in the dark. Afterwards I thought I saw him and started talking to this guy who turned out not to be him. However was very happy to regale me with a long winded tale of his 25 years in the service.

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