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It's turning out to be an interesting day. Pretty much everything Kitcat and I talked about this morning has happened. We talked about radio advertising. Guess what? An employee of a radio producer I know stopped by to ask me to come on the show again. So I'll be back on the Specialist Radio hour again next month. They also asked about sponsorship, but I know they don't have enough people in my region to make it worth my while. I was able to put Kitcat's information into use hear which was helpful.

We talked about massage therapists today and my quest to find one that would want to grow their practice instead of living off of me. Guess what? A lady walked in today from one of the upscale spas in the area looking for a place. We gelled nicely and we are both thinking about it. The difference here is what Kitcat pointed out. You need one that has to pay the rent. Right now the ones I have seem like they need beer money. So we talked about what it would be like. She talked about sprucing the office up since my color scheme is kind of bland.

The last thing of the day is the biggest and something Kitcat and I didn't talk about. My car won't be finished today since they need to order the part, but will be done in the morning. They had to take the airbag off and stuff and it's too labor intensive to put back together. So what did I have to do? I had to ask Kitcat for a ride again. While this may not seem like much, this is huge for me. I've not had to rely on someone for stuff for a long time. Now I'm completely dependent on her for transportation for the next 18 hours. I have to admit I'm a bit anxious on it. This is new territory for me since I usually have some measure of control in a situation and I don't feel that way now. Since I've been divorced, anything that someone did for me I could do for myself. Not this time and its got me going. Kitcat already had in her mind that she would pick me up. So it's no problem on her end. The interesting thing is when she said yes I got misty eyed about it. I'm finding out that I toughened up a lot over the years without even knowing about it. As usual survival skills run wild.

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