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Sane Friends

Snuggles & Massages

Kitcat enjoyed my thank you card very much. I find it interesting that she say, "you're a sweet man". I guess I'm use to something more sappy. No complaints, but its just different. She was not in the mood to study last night so I went over later in the evening. An hour hypnosis session is equal to 8 hours of sleep so I was still pretty awake. Kitcat wasn't. She fell asleep in my arms pretty quickly while we relaxed on the couch. When I pulled her to the bedroom since I wasn't sleeping on the couch. I could see she was concerned that I would be upset that we weren't having sex. I told her it was okay since I was very happy to snuggle with her. hey I'm the first to admit I'm a horn dog, but I really enjoy holding Kitcat. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I find it very pleasurable and relaxing.

The only bump in the road for us was that her alarm didn't go off for some reason. So after sex I was sprinting out the door which has colored my day today. It's Thursday and slow patient wise in the office so I usually make it meeting day. Oye! I feel like all I'm doing today is racing around. The good thing is that I'm still very relaxed from yesterday cause this kind or running around increases my anxiety levels.

The massage therapist that came in the other day in hopes of renting my empty room stopped by today and we got to settle some more things. I'll have her give me a massage Monday to see how she is. Today I'm surveying my patients to see if they want a massage therapist in the office. It could be a nice source of income for me if it works out.

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Massages, sex, cuddling..you're doing pretty well over there!


Sounds like a great way to spend the day, night, etc...

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