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Sane Friends

Turning Tricks

I tell you, just when I think I've heard it all my Meetup group proves me wrong. One of my members who is getting close to the end of her grace period of her membership emailed me yesterday. Not once, not twice, but four times. The first time was call me. Like WTF? I only met you once for about 10 minutes. The second was her phone number. The last 2 were just a continued statement. You see she lost her job around the time she joined the group. Her issues were that they weren't many events up by her which is not that case. John does and awesome job with events. However he is one person so the events don't cater to everyone. The second is that she believes that there are many members in the group like her that have low funds. The last point is that maybe someone will pay for her at events. Truly WTF? Unless you're turning tricks in the parking lot I don't think complete strangers are going to be paying for you to go out and have fun.

Talking about self fulfilling prophecy. I was cleaning up to go upstairs last night and I put my cordless phone in my back pocket, got everything in my arms and then the phone rang. No one has the number except Kitcat. So in trying to get the phone I lost the call. So I called her to see if it was her and it wasn't, but we ended up talking for a while. Then she asked if she could call me back since she needed to run to the bathroom. 30 minutes later I'm feeling like I'm getting blown off. We texted this morning some and I'll see her tonight. I'll find out what happened since I just feel it was bit rude and weird.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

She went to the bathroom yesterday and did not return the phonecall since? Wow, that was either the longest bathroom visit in history or she's incredibly rude. Sorry.


Robyn - no she texted me an hour later wondering if I was still up. I had already gone to bed, but had the wonder if I was being blown off.


I get sidetracked a lot now that I have a kid. Maybe she just got sidetracked. Don't be too hard on her.


I'm stuck on the gal who wants people to pay for her. Is she young? Seriously. It seems like the 20 something age bracket folks I meet have the mentality of "I don't have to pay". I have one gal, in particular, that I watch with amazement. She can get someone to pay for her dinner/drink/movie/etc...with ease. If only she would use that kind of energy at finding a good job (she works p/t and plays WoW all night long). Yeesh!

Glad to hear you and KitKat are doing so well. As for the help thing. Being independent for so long sure does make it hard to ask for help, huh? :D

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