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I awoke this morning to pain. I'm use to treating others for it, but rarely experience it myself. The past week has been a dry spell for me water wise and with the increase in temperature it was a bad combination. I knew that it was happening, but never got off the train tracks in time. So with sleeping too long in one spot which I'm known to do I woke up with a not in my muscles. Kitcat was quick to make fun of my slab of a bed. I like a firm bed and most women who have been on my bed don't like it for sleeping. I have to admit its a slab, but I like it. Anyhow I took my tennis ball and worked some of it out and got some therapy for it when I got to the office. I was surprised that Kitcat offered to stop by and massage it out for me. I felt bad to have her drive across the city, but I was still in a good amount of pain. I have to admit she did a very good job. I adjusted her afterwards.

This was a topic that we talked about the night before. After moving her bed on Monday she was in some pain and she didn't mention it to me when I saw her. I told her I'd be happy to adjust her to feel better. She replied she didn't want me to think she was dating me for treatment. I thanked her very much for that. However if she's in pain and I can help to please ask. We discussed how we both have a hard time asking our partners for help since we've been trained that it wouldn't happen from our past relationships.

After her mouth closed from all the noise her body made after I treated her, we got to relax a little while. I was surprised when she asked how long I had to my next patient. I told her 12 minutes and sex was derailed. I have to admit the thought lodged in my mind for many hours.

Kitcat is still in that chaos time of divorce. When one is putting their life back in order. She asked me after hearing what was going on why didn't I want to run. I told her I when I saw her I saw a beautiful, good person and not her situations. I've been there and I still go there sometimes. Before marriage I never paid a bill late or had debt. Now it's a way of life. What I have I learned? That I'm just part of the human race. I'm not my situations, but how I deal with them.

I know she is having a busy today so I offered to come over and cook dinner. I'm waiting to hear if she will be awake enough when she gets home tonight. If not I'll see her tomorrow night like we had planned.

Well the sky was falling this morning for me. The roofers were at the house a little after 7 and were scurrying over the place like ants. Shingles were flying everywhere. I tell you with that much activity going on it was really hard to relax. So I cut out a little early to be met by the green monster. Yes its that time of year when all the heavy pollen is out and turns the world green. I need to hose my car off tonight to get the thick layer of stuff off my car.

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sounds like things are progressing nicely with K. And if I was dating a chiropractor, I would let him adjust me:)

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