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Sane Friends

Where in the World am I?

Hey it's the small things. I had readers in 4 different countries on the same day which made me very happy. I check my stats daily to see what's going on, how many subscribers since more than are not followers, and to see where people are coming from. It gives me a nice boost for the day to see what's happening.

I'm freakin' tired today. I ended up going to Kitcat's place last night. When we talked, she sounded different. So I asked if she was tired or stuffed up. What I found out is that she had been crying. Her family has chosen her ex over her in an upcoming wedding for her cousin. Kitcat was upset since she knew her mother was at the bottom of it all. So I asked her if she wanted me to come over. She considered it and said yes. Later when we talked about it she admitted that she's been on her own for a long while and had gotten out of the habit of asking for help. I've been there and there are still areas of my life that I don't like holidays. So we hung out on her couch so she could have a bit of cry and then we relaxed watching TV. I conked out earlier than her and I have to admit I was out cold for the night.

Her cats have gotten use to the fact that I have usurped their position on the bed. I felt them book ending my feet through the night. It being Tuesday morning, I had to get up early for my meeting. I tell you I could really get use to having someone to curl up and cuddle with. I see how I am with holidays with no one around. They are meaningless days with the only difference that everyone else is busy and stores are closed. I'm starting to see that being alone has affected how I work too. I don't mind working cause what else am I going to do. Waking up the last several days next to Kitcat is starting to instill a desire in me to have time off so I can enjoy more of this time. Over the years I've looked for things to motivate me, but since they weren't tangible they never lasted. So we'll see what happens now.

I'm still taking baby steps with contacting higher ups in my field. I asked MK lady to meet for Starbucks to talk sales since she is very good in her field. I'm looking at all my deficits and trying to find people to help me fill them in.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I found out that I have had NUMEROUS hits on my site, specifically my Grand Canyon post, by the National Park Service. It was good to know...


I love seeing all the readers from around the world. Its so fun! Glad to hear things with K are moving along - and she is being vulnerable with you which obviously gives you insight into who she is when she is not putting her best foot forward. All good stuff. Can't wait to hear more!


I only get a good amount of hits when I post "sex" posts. lol

Holidays aside, sounds like you are finding out what you want and what you NEED (professionally and personally). Those are are a huge bonus. Go you!


It's amazing how the internet keeps on in the loop. =)

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