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Sane Friends

Changing My Playmates

My business coach really pushed me this morning and its what I pay him for. I tell you I was tense with him just suggesting it and I knew he was right. I need to change my playmates. I know that the closest 5 people in your life including your spouse dictate everything in your life. How much money you make, decisions, life expectancy, etc. I could hear my Mom's words from when I was a kid telling me that I need to pick better friends. The ones I chose I helped to make better and they never did the same for me.

The point this morning is that business activity wise I'm way above the business people I associate with. I know this since they always comment on it that I'm always doing this, they should be doing it, etc. The problem is that their attitudes and perspectives are becoming mine and I keep dropping back down. Every time I work hard here in the office it gets better, but at some point I slow down my activities and the business goes down.

What it all connects to is my worthiness and staying in my comfort zone. However staying where I am now is not very comfortable.

I know it will be really hard to leave my business group for another in the future if it doesn't change. It's hard to separate the personalities from the businesses. They're great people to hang with, but helping my business is really limited. So like someone once said, "it's just business, it's not personal".

So my plan is to contact the bigger business people that I know in the area who do more than a million a year and also successful chiropractors outside my area. This second part will take some driving, but the weather is nice and I'll get to do some sight seeing.

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Don't you just hate it when people tell you something you already know? Then you can't avoid it anymore. Best of luck to you!

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