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Sane Friends

Pinning it on You

I've spent 3 out of the last 4 nights over at Kitcat's place. We're enjoying each others time and I have to admit we have a great time just talking. Our conversations are starting to be peppered with revelations of family of origin issues. Things seem to be moving along the way they should be. I can see Kitcat is a little insecure with little things in her life since so much is going on. Like last night she was having a nightmare so I just put my arm fully around her and pulled her close and she seemed to quiet down. She was apologetic about waking me and I told her that I had no clue if she woke me or something else did. Since the oceanfront is good for some loud, weird sound at all times of the night.

Kitcat did pull out a picture of what she looked like when she had thyroid problems and had gained a lot of weight. I wouldn't have been able to pick her out of a line up. She looked so different it was amazing.

On the other foot is that Kitcat talks about when she gets back on her feet fully and I know she will. She's very goal oriented and works things out nicely. However this gets me since I still struggle to get back to where I want to be and its been a few years. This brings me back to my homework from my business coach. So today I set up a lunch with OVDC. While she is not a top business person she does have the office I would want so why not tap into that first. Over the next week I'll start calling around the area to talk to other DCs.

I tell you sometimes a feel like I'm playing God with my Mom. For my whole life, getting blood drawn from my Mom was always a problem. She has very tiny veins and you have to be really good to do so or she becomes a pin cushion. Since she has a artificial heart valve she needs to take a blood thinner. This needs to be monitored. Most of the problems she has now are from the strokes she had when her levels went awry. The levels have been stable for a long while now. I've asked her doctor to see if she can just have a stable dose of her blood thinner since they now need to have a specialist come in to get blood from my Mom.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hmmm...how is her insecurity impacting your attraction for her?


It sounds as though things with Kitcat are progressing nicely. That makes me smile.


Blue - no affect so far. If it starts to come up more I'll ask her to tell me her fears rather than the "sorry". Leading with a weakness will connect us better and I'll see if it's a life problem or not.

TOM - Thanks, me too.

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