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I Even Surprise Myself

One of the things I realized after my hypno session Wednesday is that I spread things out to much. Since I don't confine my work, admin and marketing, to normal business hours I end up doing 7 days a week. While this means I don't have many crunch times, it does mean that I'm always working at some level. This realization slammed into me Wednesday and I've been reeling every since. I just want to relax. The problem is that the office is slow now so I can't. However I know the importance of rest since I preach it to my patients daily. So besides the presentation I have tomorrow I want to put down all work this weekend and relax. Then starting Monday have what I need to get done listed and stay until its finished. While I don't want to beat myself with a stick I believe I need more structure to get things done in a timely manner.

I have to admit that once a week I go through this phase that Kitcat is breaking up with me. It's nothing, just I'm sensitive to change in behavior. If we usually see each other, talk/text at a certain time, etc and it doesn't happen I start to worry. I'm starting to believe I was born to worry. While I enjoy my relationship with Kitcat and when I'm with her I'm cool as a cucumber. These little things pop up. With her I've found out that I have anxieties that I didn't know were there. Happy days. I try to look at it as a way to keep on growing, but I have to admit my first reaction is I can't believe myself. I do have to admit my biggest fear with her is that I'm not successful enough and she'll leave me. Like always its just an insane fear of mine.

I'll have the massage therapist come by Monday to give me a massage so I can see if she is any good. The contract I finished writing up today so that is done. The biggest thing I have to make sure she knows is not to depend on me for business. I don't want that stress. I'm sure my patients will use her, but if I have to feed her I want more money for it.

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