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Dancing Fever

Well tonight was my patient appreciation dance. It was fun as last year, although this time around we were plagued with poor turnout. However it was the perfect match of men and women that we had 3 couples. With 2 instructors it was like private lessons. Marvin showed us bolero, but taught us rumba and the waltz. I have to admit I had forgotten how much fun dancing is when you know what you're doing. Marvin wants me to come in for a free lesson to see if I can learn timing which is what made me stop last time I was taking lessons. Picking the beat out of the song is way too hard for me. He's promising a miracle so we'll see. So I'll keep my dancing shoes out for a while.
I find it strange to admit, but at times I just see Kitcat dumping me at some point. What's strange is that its based on nothing with her. I think it's happened with women in the past that I really liked. If I had to guess its an old tape playing of not getting what I want from when I was a kid. I have to admit when it comes to my mind its what I realize, but I would never of imagined that I had been, what would be a good word, scarred? I hear others talk about past relationship problems haunting them and I thought I was good in that arena. But lo and behold I'm suffering from it too.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Everyone has insecurities at some point. It's normal. Is that a picture of Kitcat ?


Yes, we're all scarred. Dancing is a great way to cope.
Keep faith and your dancing shoes on.


For what it's worth...stay positive and don't become your own self-fulfilling prophecy.


Senorita - nope. I was going to take a picture of her Friday when we were down at the ocean, but we got talking and with the kids. I forgot. Taking pictures isn't foremost in my mind.

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