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The Other Shoe

My car started giving me problems last night. It does this every once in a while. When shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear it can buck if I give too much gas. Do it slow and steady, no problem. However this puts a negative spin on every thing. I start waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. What will it be? It's never a good thing when this happens since I can't even put a smile on my face when it happens. I'm taking the car in to get the airbag fixed tomorrow so I can pass inspection. This new problem will have to wait since it normally goes away in a day.

I started my talking to other people about business and marketing. MK lady was first up this morning. It was very helpful to me to get a different view point on what I do and sales in general. Hopefully OVDC and I will get together Wednesday for our talk. I stopped by there today for my treatment and I answered business questions for her, but I do want to pick her brain on general stuff she does around the office.

Kitcat and I got together last night. I helped her with hanging a few things around her place. It looked nice with pictures hanging on the wall now. It's still coming together. I have to admit when its just the two of us we have a great ole time talking. While I have nothing against the Boy Scouts, I'm not a big fan over the next month. Kitcat's son has a bunch of events with them and with her weekends with him it's going to be slim pickings with each of us seeing each other. This time around its going to be a full week. Not really happy about that.

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My car, being run by a computer (as all cars are) likes to get glitchy. Don't like that. It's a pain to go to the dealer and take care of it. But I guess it's necessary!

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